Digital Accounting Plus

A complete QuickBooks, bookkeeping and tax service for any size business including on-site installation, set-up and training.

As a business owner you may be exasperated by trying to get accurate and timely financial information for your business. We can provide that for you. With decades of experience, be assured that your accounting and bookkeeping will be completed timely and efficiently with expert QuickBooks users. You are free to focus on other aspects of your business. We are a full service consulting firm, from accounting to taxes and everything in between.



Digital Accounting Plus has saved me countless thousands in time and money over the last 7 years for 3 of my businesses. They have managed my personal finances as well and have dealt with some VERY complicated and sensitive situations. These have all worked out very favorably and have been done completely above board leaving me confident that these issues will not have to be revisited. That peace of mind alone is worth everything to me. I will always value this company’s services for personal and business issues, large and small.

Michael Altman

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